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Press Release #1

Press Release #2

Danny Bonaduce Show on WYSP 3/5/09
Bam Margera and Strip for Pain!
Listen to the interview - Part 1 (starts 3/4 of the way thru) - Part 2 - Strip for Pain
Check out the pictures of Danny Bonaduce getting his ass kicked!

Preston and Steve on WMMR 3/3/09
Interview on Preston and Steve with Joe Frantz and Bam Margera of Minghags and Strip for Pain! We're on about an hour into the show...
Check out the video of Strip for Pain - See the Oar Smash Video - Photos


Star Newspapers 3/12/09
No Slowing Down for the Backseat Film Fest

Manny the Movie Guy 3/8/09
Free Beer, Zombies, Gore! The Backseat Film Festival!

Fangoria 3/7/09
Scary screenings at Backseat Film Festival

Metro 3/6/09
Backseat: Film festival for the rest of us

From Associated Press
Forbes 3/6/09
Yahoo! Movies 3/6/09
Seattle Times 3/6/09
Fox News 3/6/09
Backseat Film Fest promises gore, zombies and beer

PW 3/6/09
The Backseat Film Festival returns for its seventh year. PW’s got the scoop on the best screenings and new developments to the 941 Theater.

Philadelphia Business Journal 3/6/09
Bam Margera’s second movie will be premiered at local film fest

Star Newspapers 3/5/09 page 1 page 2 page 3
Lucky Number 7 for the Backseat
Feature articele and film reviews

City Paper 3/4/09
Mix a rock concert and the movie theater together, and you have the Backseat Film Festival.

The Hollywood Reporter 3/2/09
MSNBC 3/2/09
"Rockabilly Baby" Sought by Backseat Film Festival in Philadelphia


Fishtown Star - 3/27/08
Article about the new 941 Theater

The Spirit Newspaper - 3/17/08
Indiana Jones and the Drinking Man's Film Festival

Philly Weekly Video Blog
- 3/17/08
Raiders of the Lost Ark – Was It Good For You?

Xfanz - 3/17/08
Strip For Pain at Backseat Film Festival - 3/16/08
“Forget about all those crappy, totally overproduced movies that are playing at your local AMC...this film festival is a great place to see the heart and soul of passionate filmmaking. Q&A's with the directors, lots of freebies and a diverse group of the usual hipster suspects sprinkled with intellectual film enthusiasts and culture vultures make for a great time.” - Carrie E. -

Philadelphia Weekly - 3/13/08
The A-List

Fishtown Star - 3/13/08 - Page 1 - Page 2
Cover Story on Backseat Film Festival

Strip For Pain on The Kidd Chris Show - 3/13/08
94.1 FREE FM - Podcast coming soon!
Check it out on YouTube

Philebrity - 3/12/08
Interview with Doug Sakmann about the Backseat Film Festival

Maxim Radio (Sirius 108) - 3/11/08
Chris Stromopolos of Raiders Adapatation discussing Backseat Film Festival

Pretty / Scary - 3/7/08
Women at Backseat Film Festival!

Philadelphia Daily News - 3/4/08 Print Version
"Raiders" screening discussed.

AVN - 3/3/08
"Jews at Sea" premiere screening mentioned, director interviewed.

Philadelphia City Paper - 2/27/08
BFF mentioned in "Icepack"

Press Release #3 "Raiders Screening" - 2/29/08 doc pdf

Press Release #2 - 2/25/08 doc pdf

Press Release #1 - 2/20/08 doc pdf


The Kidd Chris Show - 94.1 FREE FM - Podcast coming soon!

Philadelphia Weekly
- 3/28/07

City Paper - 3/28/07


Oh My Gore! - France - Strip For Pain


Philadelphia City Paper - 3/2/06
Screen Picks - Backseat Film Festival
Print Edition

Philadelphia Weekly - 3/1/06
A List - Backseat Film Festival
Print Edition

Philadelphia Spirit - 3/1/06
Rock n' Roll and Booze at the Backseat Film Fest

Philebrity - 2/28/06
This Evening: Blood, Boners, Babes And Bands

Philly Daily News - 2/27/06
Festival offers backseat view of some offbeat films

Film Threat - 2/26/06
More Booze and Babes in the Backseat!

Fangoria - 2/23/06
Trio of horror themed film festivals

AVN - 2/21/06
Film Festival to host Burning Angel showcase

Film - 2/9/06
Its only Rock and Roll and film: Backseat Film Fest returns!

2005 and earlier PRESS

Baltimore City Paper - 2/25/04
Critics Pick - Return of the Weekly Rockin Film Festival!

Film Threat - 2/2/04
Pop Culture Overload in the Backseat

Philadelphia City Paper
- 1/22/04
Backseat Film Festival - Critic's Pick

Philadelphia Weekly - 1/21/04
Backseat Film Festival - A List

Philadelphia Weekly Press - 1/21/04

Film Threat - 1/6/04

Film Threat - 12/1/03
Prison A Go Go Premieres in NYC

Film Threat - 10/25/03

The Towerlight - Baltimore College Newspaper
- 9/26/03
Article on Backseat Weekly Screening Series in Baltimore

Baltimore City Paper - Weekly Backseat Screening Series- Critics Pick

Movement Magazine - 5/03
Back Seat Film Festival is the latest in a proud history of Sundance alternatives

Baltimore City Paper - 4/15/03
The Backseat Festival's Indie Movie makers Keep it Cheap, Short, and Real

Dallas Observer - 3/20/03
Backseat is full of French guys and bikini girls

Salt Lake City Weekly - 1/16/03
Backseat’s two days of programming is defiantly low-brow and proudly juvenile

Film Threat - 1/06/03
Backseat Film Festival - two days of stimulating screenings, wild parties and general debauchery

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