Philly 2009 Wrap-Up... (Updated March 30th)

The story so we start to remember everything...

The awards are announced, thanks to all our participating filmmakers and award winners! We're starting to get together some of the video and picture galleries now, you can start here! Also, make sure to check out the Press and Radio Interviews for more!

Adam Rifkin Q & A Pt 1 - Adam Rifkin's Limo Ride - Ron Jeremy's Limo Ride
Adam Rifkin - Dark Backward Q&A - Part 1 - Part 2
Adam Rifkin and Ron Jeremy Q&A - Part 1 - Part 2
Closing Ceremonies - Timothy Johnson "Sex Galaxy" -
(Shot by Jeremy Theopolus, Nick Micros, Edited by Alex McCarron and Price Campbell)

PHOTOS: - Bam Margera's Minghags - Detroit Rock City - The Roast of the Legendary WID (Thanks to Marie Rodriguez and Donnie Biresch) - Bam Margera's Minghags - Strip for Pain - Edition (NSFW) - Girls of the Backseat Film Fest (NSFW)

More incriminating evidence in the coming days...there are more pics on our Myspace as well as the event page on Facebook, see what we have so far! Feel free to add your own pictures and comments into the mix, or email to us and we will post them!

Over the 21 screening blocks in 9 days, we screened over 75 movies, drank well over 2100 Pabst Blue Ribbons and 2 cases of vodka! And that does not even include what was drunk at the Trocadero or N. 3rd Bar!


We would not be here without our many returning festival fans who have become friends, thanks so much for your continued support! Some returning veretans of the Backseat Film Fest include Jim and Ron (5 years!) John Yust (Drunkest man at the Backseat Film Fest 3 years running!) Jamie (Drunkest Man 2004), Chris, John, Jennifer and many others whose names escape us right now because of the drinking!

Thanks to all our participating filmmakers, cast and crew, especially those who were in attendance for their screenings including Adam Ahlbrandt, Harvey Benschoter, Brian Bernhard, J. D. Brown, Tim Cronin, Todd Farr, Elias, Amy Glickman, Tim Johnson, Righteous Jolly, Ben Jurin, Maria Juranic, Ryan Lonano, Kevin Maher, Max Marguiles & Naoko Masuda, Rona Mark, James & Andy Martin, Monica Knight, Secret Pants, Doug Poland, Tommy Pistol, His Holiness Rael, James Hollenbaugh & Derek Roden, Jane Rose, Conrad Stojak, Chuck Walker, Karl Starkweather, Michael Patrick F. Smith, Anna–Maria Vag & Kent Abbot, as well special guests Joe Frantz, Ryan Dunn, Bam Margera and the Margeras, Mark the Bagger, Brian Matthews, Adam Rifkin and Ron Jeremy, The Legendary WID, Richie Redding and all the Roast comics, Scott Johnston, the house band Hick, Nick and Jew (of the dead), all the guys who took the pain on Strip for Pain, Pete and Vinny for the sweet limo, the girls of and anyone else we are forgetting!

Of course many thanks to all our volunteers and staff including Autumn Eget, Iilya Radysh, Nick Esposito, David Popolow, Alex McCarron, Price Campbell, Matt Faust, Javier Lozuda, Meghan Hardcastle, Becky Weise, Joe Zang, Jeremy Theopolus, Nick Micros, Chris Connor, Joe Vitelli, Kelly Cheezum and Chris Fitzgerald.

And for helping with the technical aspects of the projected arts, thanks to Frank Keating, JoAnna Marmon and Dan Kishbaugh. Also, thanks to venue support with the crew at N3rd Bar, Steve and the M Room and Joe Lekkas, Ned and Howard at the Trocadero. And how can we forget Marie and Donnie and the crew at!

The 2009 Backseat Film Festival is made possible by our generous sponsors, including Pabst Blue Ribbon,, PSAV, Philadelphia Weekly, Gray Kangaroo Personal Liquor Filters, M3 Printing, the Greater Philadelphia
Film Office
, and

The 941 Theater and the Philadelphia Friends of the Projected Arts also thanks the following for donations; Heckmann Painting, The Trocadero, Sulimay’s Barber Shop, Allstate Insurance, Hyperion Bank, Liberties Bar, Surreal Studios, Philadelphia Eddies Tattoo, Higher Grounds Coffee, Rustica Pizza and Paolo’s Pizza.

Stay tuned!