A self-proclaimed "rock 'n roll film fest", the BFF showcases movies of all genres, lengths, formats and budgets, but specializes in upbeat, unpretentious work that may not find a home at other, more traditional film festivals. 

Realizing that great movies are only part of the equation, the Festival also strives to attract film goers who might be put off by the stuffy programming, somber atmosphere and high prices of other festivals.

The Festival also embraces the rock 'n roll mentality by taking the show on the road!  Following the competitive, flagship events in Philly, the BFF travels to several other cities each year, bringing with it past award winners and audience favorites.

With a growing reputation within the festival circuit, filmmakers have also seen tangible benefits to screening with the BFF.  In addition to receiving awards and prizes, great independent features like "Blood Car", "Stupid Teenagers Must Die!", "Sight", "Beer Drinkers in Space", "Die You Zombie Bastards!", "Pot Zombies" and "Prison-A-Go-Go" have been able to land national distribution deals due in part to their screenings and awards at Backseat Film Festival events.

And finally, the Backseat Film Festival tries to make the festival experience fun and accessible to all with affordable submission fees, cheap ticket prices and free stuff (e.g. drinks) for festival patrons.