Best of the Backseat Film Festival

Finally! After having shown 550 shorts, features and music videos over the years, we get a proper retrospective! As part of the Philadelphia Film Festival and CineFest 2009, we are proud to host a program of short films selected from award winners and crowd favorites from 7 raucous years of the Backseat Film Festival!

Philly 2009 Festival no. 7

Wow. Not sure how we made it through this one. 2 weeks of awesome movies and serious drinking. And cold as all hell. We say it every year, because it's true...our biggest fest yet!
Festival Wrap-Up (photos, video, etc)


Philly 2008 Festival no. 6

The Philly dates were our biggest events yet! Check out the whole story with a full wrap-up and the award winners here
All the great press coverage here
And if you missed it,
The full schedule here
And if you were there but don't remember,
Load of pictures on our new Flickr site here!
And from those who helped out,
Festival Staff Reports


Backseat Film Festival returns to Baltimore!
Creative Alliance at the Patterson - Baltimore Premiere of Punk Rock Holocaust 2 and the Baltimore reurn of Blood Car, plus 2007 award winning shorts and music videos before each film

Backseat Film Festival Showcase in Milwaukee!

Award winners and crowd favorites from the 2007 BFF hosted by our friends at the awesome It Came From Lake Michigan Film Festival!

Backseat Film Festival Halloween in New York!
Pioneer Theater - NY Premieres of Punk Rock Holocaust 2 and Stupid Teenagers Must Die! plus 2007 award winning shorts and music videos before each film. Preceded by the 2nd NYC Zombie Crawl.
Followed by after-party at Double Down Saloon

Backseat Film Festival at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!
The BFF hosted screenings all day including "Saving CBGB", "Get Thrashed: The Story of Thrash Metal" and the world premiere of "Punk Rock Holocaust 2"--complete with a live score!
All the info here...

4 days in Philly at the Backseat Theater!
The Backseat Film Festival No. 5 kicks off the 2007 season 4 days in Philly at the beautiful Backseat Theater.
2007 Philly Wrap-up and Awards
Full 2007 Schedule of Films and Events


6 drunken days in Philly!

Our nearly week-long event in Philly this year was a huge success! Check out the links below to see all the action you missed or don't remember.
2006 Backseat Film Festival Wrap-up and Award Winners
Full 2006 Schedule

Fun-raiser at the Tritone Bar in Philadelphia!
Thanks to everyone who helped put together and worked at the event. Thanks to the Tritone for not throwing us out this time. And thanks especially to all the booze-drinking film-loving folks that came out and made the night a success in the name of rock ‘n roll movies!
Full story here


All new shorts program screening before each performance of "Jody" rock opera!

Jody is a rock opera in the tradition of films like Tommy, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The story follows Jody, who is born a hermaphrodite. Unwanted and unloved by it's parents and younger brother and sister, Jody sets off for the big city on it's 18th birthday, only to discover that there are many others hermaphrodites happily co-existing with those with normal genitalia. Jody joins a band called the Shims, and together they fight for hermaphrodite's rights.
More information on Jody
More on Dingleberry Dynasty

Baltimore local film premieres at the Creative Alliance at the Patterson!

All new shorts from Baltimores underground subversive filmmakers, plus a Backseat Feature Premiere . . .
Pleasures of the Damned (1979, Giallo) When a group of Satan worshiping bikers seeks out a book with the secrets of eternal life, they accidentally resurrect an ancient evil. Shot in Baltimore and Westminster over the summer of 2004, Pleasures mocks the campiness of 70s Italian horror films! See a grip holding a light! See actors replaced halfway through the film! See intestines removed from a bikers o-ring!
Trailer and more info at www.direwitfilms.com
And extra thanks for the . . . FREE BEER FROM PABST BLUE RIBBON!
Full film lineup

Sleazy Video Projections at Scooterweek Philadelphia!
The Backseat Film Festival provided some visual stimulation at the Inaugural Scooterweek Event. Other highlights of the night included Professional Wrestlers, Roller Derby Chicks and Rock 'n Roll Bands.


6/6/04 - 11/04
Whistle Stop - Sundays in Baltimore
The Backseat Screening Series has been entertaining Baltimore for over a year now, with a weekly screening series held in a local bar. Here, we show everything from the Japanese hit, “Battle Royale” to Patrick Swayze’s masterpiece, “Roadhouse”. It also highlights classic shorts and features from the Backseat Film Festival. There is even a monthly segment devoted to local filmmakers.

5/14/04 - 5/16/04
Lost Weekend in Las Vegas
In conjunction with Modern Drunkard Magazine, the Backseat Film Festival hosted screenings at the First Annual Modern Drunkard Convention in beautiful Las Vegas, NV on May 14 through May 16 2004. For this "Lost Weekend in Las Vegas", we screened the best short films about drinking, bars, hangovers, getting drunk, smashed or plastered at work, your alcoholic uncle, booze, hooch, juice and anything else related to our good friend, alcohol.

Rock 'n Rods Hot Rod Show
Though the Backseat Film Festival did not screen any movies here, we were the presenters of the "Best Backseat Award", one of the many cool awards at this great car show and rock 'n roll extravaganza.

More in Baltimore
7/1/04 - The Sidebar
5/1/04 - The Penthouse (1st Anniversary Party)
4/28/04 - The Sidebar
3/1804 - The Sidebar
2/26/04 - The Sidebar

1/22/04 - 1/25/04
3 Days in Philly!
Three-day festival showcasing featured premieres and the best of the official Backseat Film Festival short selections. Filmmaker awards were given out, loots of booze was drank and someone was definitely fucking in the bathroom.
Check out the full story here

Monthly Screening Series
Pioneer T
heater - NYC!
New York City’s most courageous independent film theater, the Pioneer, has invited the Backseat Film Festival to host a monthly screening. This will be a showcase for the latest Backseat Film Festival premieres and newest finds. The NY film scene will never be the same. Especially after the official Backseat Barber goes to work on those annoying, NY hipster haircuts.
Check out the lineup for one of the screenings here


6/13/03 - 12/16/03
Turner’s – Baltimore, MD
Weekly screening series highlighting shorts and features form the Backseat Film Festival, plus a segment devoted to local filmmakers.

Vans Warped Tour 2003
The Backseat Film Festival and its screening bus, the Dirty Erin, traveled through 44 cities across North America with the biggest music and entertainment tour in America. Playing to over 500,000 young people this summer, the Festival not only screened
official selections, but also took new submissions along the way.

Winter/Spring 2003 Tour
4/12/03 - Sidebar – Baltimore, MD
4/5/03 - B.A.D.C. - Jacksonville, FL
3/21/03 - Red Blood Club – Dallas, TX
3/17/03 - Alamo Drafthouse – Austin, TX
2/23/03 - The Brick – Kansas City, MO
2/14/03 - CIA – Los Angeles, CA


Phat Tire Saloon – Park City, UT
We showed a bunch of great movies. A lot of liquor was consumed. If you get us drunk enough, we just might even tell you all about getting run out of Park City at gunpoint.