And the winner is the viewing public, you brave hard drinkin’ folks who took the time, money and booze to support independent film! Thanks to everyone who made the Backseat Film Festival a hit, you know who you are!

A special thanks to our sponsors; Pabst Blue Ribbon,, Gray Kangaroo Liquor Filters and Philadelphia City Paper. Also to our awesome festival staff; Hillary Clark, Nick Esposito, Gina Izzo, Yuko Iritani, David Popolow, John Prim, Illya Radysh, Mike Smith, Andy Straub, Erin Turner and Matt Yeackel!

And thanks to the Triangle Theater for having us for this week!

Stay tuned to this page for festival diaries from the staff, pictures and video from the opening ritual, screenings, afterparties and much more!

Now on to business!

Click to see what you missed (or dont remember)!

Backseat Film Festival Reports from the festival staff!

Check out all the Press Coverage for the BFF 06!

And dirty pictures here!

Official BFF 06 Apology Letter

Official 2006 Backseat Film Festival Drinking Game announced!

Hear a press release for our last festival read in JAPANESE by Yuko Iritani

Results of the BFF Deathpool!

Official 2006 Backseat Film Festival Drinking Game announced!

Best Feature Film – Die You Zombie Bastards! – Caleb Emerson
Best Featurette – Rock and Roll Eulogy – Zach Clark
Best Short Film – Bzzzzzzzz! – Lee Gordon Demarbe
Local Filmmaker Award – David Popolow, Mike Zaleski
Filmmaker Appreciation – Cheryl A. Eagan-Donovan, Nikc Miller
Best Music Video – The Phenomenauts "Mission" - Antidivision
Best Soundtrack - Pot Zombies - Justin Powers
Best Animation – Zoom Suit – John Taddeo
Best Movie Title – Die You Zombie Bastards! - Caleb Emerson
Best Drinking Movie- Pleasures of the Damned – Antonio Giallo
Best Breasts – Gabrielle Wolfe (Bzzzzzzz!)
Most Disturbing – The Voice Inside – BiFF Juggernaut
Staff Favorite - Wienercop Vs. Crockinator – The Brothers Passera

We’ll be announcing the prizes awarded soon, including DVD Duplication from Mirror Image Duplication, Promotional Cards from M3 Printing, Featured Filmmaker on, Film Guides from the Philadelphia Film Office and Booze from Pabst Blue Ribbon! All things a filmmaker can really use!

Official Stats:
Number of Screenings: 13
Number of Feature Films: 12
Number of Shorts and Music Videos: 66
Awards given out: 14
Beers drank: 1080
Liters of hard booze drank: Over 60 ltrs
Bottles of Heaven’s Hill Drank: 4
After parties had: 6
After-after parties had: 5
Karaoke songs sung on-demand: At least 12
Items on the Backseat Deathpool fulfilled: 12 of 17 (maybe 14)

Feb 20, 2006 - Philadelphia Press Release # 2
"Backseat Film Festival 2006 Philadelphia Schedule Announced!"

Feb 8, 2006 - Philadelphia Press Release # 1
"Backseat Film Festival Brings the Rock Back to Philadelphia!"