Here are just a few of the crowd favorites from the Backseat Film Festival from 2005 and berfore.


The funnest, most adventurous features around.

Funny, sexy and stupid short films.

The Backseat Film Festival loves to show off the best in underground music videos for some great rock 'n roll bands.

Just a few of the groundbreaking filmmakers whose work we spotlight and continue to follow.

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Fubar - 2002 - 81min

Michael Dowse

Quintessential Canadians Dean Murdoch (Spence) and Terry Cahill (Lawrence) are lifelong friends who have grown up together: shot-gunning their first beers, exploring the healing power of heavy metal, and growing the great Canadian mullet known as "hockey hair". Their lives are brought to the big screen by "documentarian" Ferral Mitchner in an exploration of the depths of friendship, the fragility of life, growing up gracefully, and the art and science of drinking beer like a man.

Prison A Go Go! - 2003 - 85min
Barak Epstein-Texas

"When sweet, girl-next-door Callista is abducted for "scientific" reasons, her brainy sister Janie must solve the mystery and attempt a rescue. But the only clue leads to a notorious prison in the Philippines, where committing a crime may be the only way in. And no one who’s entered has ever come out…because they’re all having such a wild time! Welcome to PRISON-A-GO-GO! The rowdy womens' prison filled with multiple shower scenes! Girls running amok! Kung fu food fights! Ninjas! Mutant Zombies! Evil Scientists, Prominent Product Placement! Genetic Mutation! and Mad Mud Wrastlin'!"

Punk Rock Holocaust - 2004 - 95min

Doug Sakmann

The setting is the Vans 2003 Warped Tour. Bands and crew members are being murdered and it seems the tour is being sabotaged. Rumors are abound of a industrial, nu-wave, synth-pop sorrowcore band called Brutal Enigma that was banished from the Warped Tour years ago, have they returned for revenge on Kevin Lyman and the Warped Tour, or is it something far more sinister? The film follows Warped Tour Reporter Heather Vantress as she struggles to figure out who is behind this ‘Punk Rock Holocaust’. Meanwhile, Tour founder Kevin Lyman and his production team work to keep the tour on the road and the evil record executive Belial (Lloyd Kaufman) at bay.

Hell On Wheels: The Texas Rollergirls Story (work in progress)
Bob Ray and Werner Campbell-Texas
This action packed, rock and roll roller derby documentary tells the tale of a group of Texas women who create an all female roller derby league from the ground up. These tough and tumble women come from all walks of life and are united by a love for the fast paced and brusing game.

The Making of Green Goblin's Last Stand: The Real Spider-Man - 60min
Dan Poole
Produced in Baltimore for under $500 in 1992, “The Green Goblin's Last Stand” was intended as a demo-reel for then Spider-Man director James Cameron, but soon became much more than that. Without the director, producer and star of the film, Dan Poole’s knowledge, over the years, copies of the video began showing up at comic book conventions, and on sale at Internet auction sites. Left with many questions to answer regarding the film’s origins, Poole put together this award-winning documentary that includes outtakes from the 14-month shoot along with footage from previous failed attempts. See "The Making of The Green Goblin's Last Stand" and uncover the secrets behind the death defying stunts, special effects and the steps that led to the best live action adaptation ever of Marvel Comics' most popular super hero! SPIDER-MAN!

Wesley Willis - Daddy of Rock ‘N Roll
Daniel Bitton - 2003

Documentary about the late but prolific rock ‘n roll icon, Wesley Willis. An underground cult phenomena championed by the likes of the Beastie Boys and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins, Wesley Willis is The Daddy of Rock ‘n’ Roll, a 300 lb. schizophrenic who plays music to silence the demons he calls “Nervewrecker,” “Heartbreaker” and “Meansucker.”

Friends Forever – A Documentary Film
Ben Wolfinsohn - 2003

Acclaimed documentary that chronicles the most uncatagorizable band in America, Friends Forever. They will drive 300 miles to play for 10 minutes to 5 people. They never play in clubs, only from inside their van. They play what they call the “worst music imaginable”. And they’re on a mission to save rock.

Directed by Rusty Nails

Franny and Zoe wake up one morning ready to go on a high school field trip. Their plans quickly change when Zoe drinks contaminated water and his head becomes a huge pustule. When Franny comes to aid him, Zoe turns her into a monsterous "zithead." Soon the two of them set off on a bizarre journey, mutating other teenagers, encountering strange suburbanites, and developing a very unusual craving for chocolate. The army starts a statewide manhunt for the infected adolecents as they struggle to remain concious, try to figure out what's happened to them, and draw nearer to a terrifying fate.

Bikini Bandits Experience
Steven Grasse – 2002

Everyone’s favorite gun-toting, hot-rod-driving, bikini-clad avengers! Who can ask for anything more? Made famous by, the most popular short film series on the internet are finally given their feature film debut! Coming soon—Their animated debut, “The Bikini Bandits Save Christmas”.

The Legendary WID
Jason Ferraro and Brian Galla

WID is Philadelphia's version of Gallagher with the emotional complexity of a Weird Al inspired Andrew Dice Clay. This interesting documentary follows comedian/diorama pop-cult artist The Legendary WID and his bid for fame and identity.

...An Incredible Simulation
Directed by Jeff Economy and Darren Hacker

A documentary on the intense tribute band neither world. You’ll discover an subculture you never knew existed. Featuring the incredible simulations of Kiss, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Molly Hatchet, Adam and the Ants, and the well known Neil Diamond and Abba tribute band Lightning and Thunder.

Plaster Caster
Directed by Jessica Villines - 2003
Plaster Caster is an intimate documentary portrait of legendary artist and groupie, Cynthia Plaster Caster famous for plaster casting the penises of rock stars, including, most notoriously, Jimi Hendrix. The film explores how Cynthia developed her unique pursuit, follows the ups and downs of casting sessions with a shy guitarist and an extroverted glam rocker, and goes along for the ride as Ms. Caster prepares for her first gallery show in New York City. Featuring candid interviews with "castees," candidates, and commentators Noel Redding (The Jimi Hendrix Experience), Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys), Eric Burdon (The Animals), Pete Shelley (The Buzzcocks), Jon Langford (Mekkons), Wayne Kramer (MC-5), Paul Barker (Ministry), as well as author Camille Paglia and artist Ed Paschke, Plaster Caster goes beyond the mythology and asks the question, "is it really art?"

Ambition Withdraw
Directed by Jason Eustice

Shot over a fifteen-year period, Ambition Withdraw unleashes to the world the most dangerous rock band, The Unsatisfied. For the first time ever, the legendary sounds of The Unsatisfied can be heard throughout horrific dream sequences and documentary footage. This film reflects the reality of pursuing an unstoppable hunger and the drive of human spirit, while showing triumph’s continual downfall. Ambition Withdraw goes well beyond the average rockumentary by exposing the unglamorous side of real life: working, touring and raising a family. It also shows the determination of dealing with disappointments and disasters, as well as the drive--the drive that enslaves them to perform rock and roll.

Modern Drunkard the Movie (work in progress)
Dir. Frank Rich – 2004

From the alcoholic geniuses that brought us Modern Drunkard Magazine comes a refreshingly pro-drinking treatise on lost love, friendship and, of course, booze.

4 Days in Panties 2 – Back in Straps a.k.a. Shapeshifting Bitch (work in progress)
Dir. Nick Esposito - 2004

The sequel to last year’s cult hit, “4 Days in Panties”. This one will feature more nude models, more recreational heroin use and a whole lot more pussy jokes.

SHORTS back to top

Robot Bastard
Rob Schrab – 2001
The directorial debut of Rob Schrab (Creator of underground comic books, Scud: the Disposable Assassin and Heat Vision and Jack). Robot Bastard exists in an eight-grade- boy universe of Robots, Rocket ships and cute girls. It has consistently wowed audiences with its unique vision of a future-world imagined through a combination of stop-motion animation, computer effects and cardboard costumes.

God Squad! Holywood & Divine
J.F. Kinyon – 2003
A hilarious and campy send-up of 70’s cop shows with a strange, pseudo-reverent twist. The first episode in a series of shorts featuring a duo of born-again evangelists fighting the forces of Satan and Hollywood.

My Terrorist Dad
Jane Bussmann – 2003

Everyone’s family has their quirks. Her dad happens to be a conspiracy theorist and a white supremacist.

Listen to Skippy
Kevin Maher and Whitney Melton – 2003
One of many short comedy videos made for the ubiquitous NY screening series, Video Vaudeville. This one is about a serial killer who takes some advice from his pet hamster.

Just the Kiss of the Hops
Steve Daniels – 2001
Two loudmouthed rednecks argue over which is better, Pabst or Schlitz.

And Knowing was Half the Battle
Fenslerfilm Council – 2003
Nostalgic and hilarious, these are redubbed versions of the PSAs that used to follow episodes of the G. I. Joe Saturday morning cartoon.

Batman: Dead End
- 15min
Sandy Collora
The Joker has escaped from Arkham and Batman must once again bring him in-once and for all. Unfortunately for the Bat, there is something even more sinister waiting in the alley for the Dark Knight Detective.

The Adventures of Fratman And Pledgeboy - 7:30 min
Mark Colegrove- Baltimore
Fratman, along with his trusty sidekick, Pledgeboy, attempt to thwart their arch-nemesis, Creativeman's plans for a 3 day arts and music festival on campus.

MTTV Cribs - 6min
Mark Colegrove- Baltimore
A parody of MTV's Cribs program, set in the suburbs of Maryland

Mondo Ford - 7min
Scott Colonico- Texas
Recently discovered documentary indicting President Ford with all kinds of things.

The King & Dick - 8min
Scott Colonico- Texas
Selection of the 2002 Sundance Film Festival, Based on actual transcripts from the historic 1974 meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley.

The Creepees vs. Robot Monster #2 - 16min
Scott Colonico- Texas
Sequel to “The Collegians Are Go!”

Harry Knuckles and the Siege of the Leopard Lady – 6 Episodes, 2min each
Lee Demarbe-Ottowa, Canada
From the Award-winning Canadians that brought you “Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter”, comes this hard-boiled, action-packed, six-part serial starring Harry Knuckles in his latest adventure!

The Ramones and I - 5min
Rusty Nails-Chicago
Personal documentary featuring never-before-seen-footage from 1977.

Birthday in Brooklyn - 10min
Mario Passera-Detroit
Ribald misadventures ensue as a father uses a dead terrorist to bond with his son.

Crayfish, More Like Gayfish - 8min
Mario Passera-Detroit
A homosexual crayfish struggles to be accepted by his father and peers.

MUSIC VIDEOS back to top

The Locust “Solar Panel Asses”- 0:25min
The Locust “23 Schizophrenics Lubed Up with Delusions of Grandeur”- 1 min

Rusty Nails-Chicago
Music videos for San Diego’s fastest, most insane band.

Nashville Pussy Music Video - 3min
Bob Ray-Texas

FILMMAKERS back to top

Jeff Krulik

Jeff Krulik is a prolific and award-winning documentary filmmaker based in Washington, D.C. Krulik is known for his profiles of unusual people and for bringing a trademark blend of curiosity, humor and compassion to his films including Heavy Metal Parking Lot, I Created Lancelot Link, and Ernest Borgnine on the Bus. We are proud to be screening selections from his work, icluding his latest film documenting the vanishing tradition of the circus sideshow. "Traveling Sideshow: Shocked and Amazed! is my dream project. This one hour documentary—based on and around the book series James Taylor’s Shocked and Amazed On and Off the Midway -- is my effort to preserve sideshow history, and pay tribute to the great performers and human oddities of past and present." - Jeff Krulik

Rusty Nails

World famous short film and music video maker that brought us “Santiago vs. Wigface”, “The Ramones and I” as well as videos for groundbreaking bands like Arab on Radar and The Locust. We also present his brilliant feature opus concerning teenage zombies, “Acne”.

Scott Calonico

With an obsession for ex-presidents, conspiracy theories and rock ‘n roll music, we feature many of this Texan’s short films, including the brand-new sequel to the crowd favorite “The Collegians Are Go!”, “The Creepees vs. Robot Monster #2”

Lee DeMarbre

Canadian filmmaker responsible for the highly acclaimed “Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter” as well as the exciting “Harry Knuckles” series of short films.

Cheese Theatre

The first and only sketch comedy troupe from Queens, NY. Their latest, “Welcome to Queens” is a human interest piece focusing on such characters as Fifi, the Renegade Stripper and the crime fighting troubadour, Guitar Cop. With Cheese Theatre, the comedy never starts.

Sike Trike

Sike Trike is a collective of video makers from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. That probably explains why they are so strange. They make in-camera-edited short films for fun. About 140 in total, maybe more, all of which end up available on their website for download.

Bob Ray

John Michael McCarthy