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Dear Friends,

The Backseat Film Festival is taking some much-needed time off. 

It's been eight years since we got the crazy idea to start a film festival.  Drunk on whiskey and ambition, we decided the world needed an outlet for all the great rock 'n roll movies out there that get made every year and don't get seen by enough people.  And we also thought that there should be plenty of free liquor.

Since then. we've screened over 500 movies and served (and drank) oceans of booze.  Our wallets, livers and relationhips have plenty of scars to show for it.

We are very proud of what the festival was able to accomplish in its 7 editions.  We hope that everyone involved has good memories of it.  For us, it was a blast.  And we know it wouldn't have been possible without all the good folks who contributed films, attended the screenings or volunteered with the festival.

For now, we're going to be concentrating on our other two gigs, making movies and slinging liquor filters!  We'll leave the website up if you feel like reminiscing about the past festivals.  And if you want to stay in touch about our other projects, you can still sign up for our mailing list.

We'll also be curating some screenings at a cool, new space in Philly, 2424 Studios. Come for a drink with us if you're in town.

Watch cool movies and keep drinking!

Thanks to everyone for everything...


Backseat Film Festival Staff



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